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544 Valley Forge Rd. Phoenixville PA 19460 - 800-777-3725

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MiCloud Business Contact Center

Provides your company with the sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools you need to  manage, measure and optimize call center performance. Contact Center combines the Mitel communications platform,an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) and a modular suite of feature-rich, cloud-based applications for streamlining contact center management and resolving customer inquiries from the first point of contact. MiCloud Business Contact Center is a powerful solution for companies that:

• Need an affordable and feature-rich system

• Have 100 total agents, or 90 agents and 10   supervisors, for a total of 100 call center users

• Run core voice reports (from over 90 report templates)

• Want a system that will enable growth and quickly add new agents

Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

helps your business optimize resources by enabling you to handle large numbers of incoming customer calls and answer them with as few trained agents as possible. An ACD system routes incoming calls to the longest idle.

agent within a specific agent skills group. If no agents are available, calls are queued and forwarded to an agent when one becomes available.

First Call Resolution

Create multiple skill groups then prioritize and route calls to the most appropriately skilled agent based on pre-defined skill proficiency levels. This ensures each call gets to the best available resource to meet the customer’s needs. Agents appearing in more than one skill group may be assigned a different skill proficiency level for each group.

Monitor and Manage

Real-time and historical reporting provides contact center supervisors with the information they need to manage resources

efficiently and optimize response times. Identify problem areas, analyze trends in performance and make smart decisions.

Remote Agents

MiCloud Business Contact Center optimizes business processes by providing home-based and remote workers with complete access to ACD voice and data capabilities.