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544 Valley Forge Rd. Phoenixville PA 19460 - 800-777-3725

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The Mitel 5603 Wireless Phone is tailored to office requirements. Designed for flexibility and low cost, the 5603 Wireless Phone provides an advanced, simple-to-use user interface. It provides value for the user who has less complex demands, but who still requires a quality handset for intense daily use.

In addition to enhanced Mitel MiVoice Business feature inter-working over SIP, this IP-DECT handset can be twinned to the user's desktop in conjunction with their MCD Personal Ring Group capability, allowing a single number to reach them, regardless of their location. As well, the 5603 Wireless Phone comes with a default list of MCD features pre-programmed.

Simplified Device Management: The Mitel IP-DECT System (Global) software release 4.0 introduced support for simplified device management, compatible with the 5603 Wireless Phone. Programming can be achieved over-the-air via the Mitel Wireless Services Messaging (WSM) Gateway, or via a PC in conjunction with either the 5603 / 5604 Wireless Phone Programmer or 5603 / 5604 Wireless Phone Rack Charger. This includes both programming and software upgrading.

Designed for general office environments, the features include:

Enhanced, customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI), High-quality voice, Local phonebook (500 entries), Central phonebook, Call list with 25 last calls, Speakerphone mode, Vibrator alert, Six languages and one customizable, Battery Life (talk / standby): 16 hrs / 180 hrs, Manual and automatic keypad lock, GAP- / CAP-compliant DECT handset,

System features supported: Voice mail access with message waiting indication, Hold / retrieve with music on hold, Call forward, Transfer, Three party conference, Call waiting and retrieve

Do not disturb, Call pickup, Call park, Call reject, Call back, Distinctive ringing, Out of use

Mitel 5603 Wireless Phone

MiVoice 5603 Wireless Phone

Perfect for office, education and retail environments, the MiVoice 5603 is a cordless phone built for intense daily use by a user with less-complex call-handling needs.