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 Mite MiVoice 8528 Digital Phone

 Mitel MiVoice 8568 Digital Phone

 Mitel MiVoice 4220

 Mitel MiVoice 4225

Mitel MiVoice 5370

 Mitel MiVoice 5380

Mitel MiVoice 5380 Digital Console offers full functionality for the professional handling of calls in small and medium-sized companies.

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The MiVoice 4220 Digital Phone is specifically designed for users who want traditional telephone functions with good voice quality

MiVoice 5370 Digital Phone An all-round model with an advanced range of features and benefits including PoE and integrated headset capability

MiVoice 4225 Digital Phone is ideal for demanding and executive office usage. Compared to Dialog 4223, this telephone features 10 extra programmable keys

MiVoice 8528 Digital Phone

This flexible, low-cost digital business phone is perfect for small and mid-sized businesses with 16 programmable multifunction keys….

The MiVoice 8568 Telephone is perfect for users requiring efficient call processing capabilities

Mitel 8528 Digital Phone Mitel 4225 Mitel 4220 Mitel 5370 Mitel 5380

 Mitel 5603

 Mitel 5604

The Mitel 5603 Wireless Phone is tailored to office requirements. Designed for flexibility and low cost,it Phone provides an advanced, simple-to-use user interface.

With its advanced communications capabilities and built-in safety features, the MiVoice 5604 Wireless Phone is ideal for industrial and indoor/outdoor work sites.

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