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We provide Mitel licensing, software, new and rebuilt parts, systems and equipment all with an “as new” guaranty.

544 Valley Forge Rd. Phoenixville PA 19460 - 800-777-3725

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Save 35% to 70% of the cost of new when you buy refurbished products from Resale Systems.

Want to improve office efficiency? Has your business outgrown your current system? We can help!  

Save 35-70% of the price of new when you buy professionally refurbished equipment!

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With over three decades of experience in system design, service and repairs our technical staff will custom tailor a communication system that will not only satisfy your needs today, but will allow you to cost-effectively expand your system and keep it running efficiently as your business grows.

We offer a complete line of Mitel services including; Mitel software, software upgrades, licenses, guaranteed rebuilt and refurbished parts, systems, upgrades, repairs, equipment, phones, consoles and accessories and more.

Our technicians are certified by MITEL on all equipment from SX-20 through the the latest models available, as well as all the other Mitel offered equipment we professionally recondition and sell, with the same warranty as new equipment.

Resale Systems can correctly size a system for any organization, large or small and match services to all major carries, such as; AT&T, MCI, AND SPRINT with the appropriate T-1 hardware as required.

Repairs and Refurbishing is professionally done in our 10,000 square foot office and reconditioning facility in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

In recognizing the importance of a reliable communication system in today’s competitive marketplace, we take exceptional care and great pride in providing our clients with the best pre-owned, professionally rebuilt and refurbished equipment available anywhere.

All the equipment we sell is completely and professionally refurbished in our own facility - not just “cleaned”, and is fully warranted, with provided with the same warrantee as new equipment. Our quality control procedures begin with a through inspection and diagnosis of incoming equipment, and continues throughout the reconditioning process. All equipment is completely refurbished and thoroughly tested before it leaves our facility.

A common question presented to us is "Where does your equipment come from"?  Resale Systems has built solid customer relationships with clients whose systems as a result of system upgrades, expansions and modernizations. We also obtain systems through corporate downsizing, over-stocked warehouses, company relocations, or business closures.

For all your Mitel needs, from licensing to expanded licensing requirements, software upgrades, system expansion, professionally rebuilt telephones, systems, parts and equipment, Diagnostics and repairs, or free technical support, call or contact Resale Systems for fast, professional assistance.

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