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We provide Mitel licensing, software, new and rebuilt parts, systems and equipment all with an “as new” guaranty.

544 Valley Forge Rd. Phoenixville PA 19460 800-777-3725

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Because of his excellence in understanding and execution of demanding military training in his field, Fred was nominated for, and executed 3 additional and separate Mitel technical training courses, expanding his skill and knowledge of hardware, software and applications to an even greater degree than would be considered typical in the telecommunications industry today.

After receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1985 Fred continued his career working in a variety of positions for several Telecom dealers and manufacturers through out the Mid Atlantic area, while continuing his education in successfully completing many telecom distribution and application courses.

The drive to continue pursuing additional courses and training has kept him well versed in the state of the art of the modern, and ever the ever evolving technology of today's telecommunications industry.

His superior expertise in the expansion of Wireless communications, VOIP, networking, and unified messaging are a few of the examples of formal technology Fred possesses… skills not widely known just a few tears ago but are rapidly becoming a forefront in our everyday lives.

Fred is certified on all aspects of telecommunications, and his deep understanding and applications expertise has given him exposure to many different facets of the telecom industry. It is this background and knowledge that places Fred as one of leaders in making exceptional decisions in identifying and creating efficient and fully functional solutions for his clients.  Fred’s exceptional skill and experience has resulted in multiple contracts with clients ranging from military installations, railroads and  public transportation companies, financial networks, hospitality applications, small business networking, colleges and universities as well as cruise ship lines which circumvent the globe on a continual basis.

Also among his more notable accomplishments has been commissioned to compare design configurations and offer final recommendations/installations for ships at sea, “Air Force One” support, collaborate with satellite communications companies, work with off shore drilling facilities, and even brought small towns in Europe into modern communications network through gaining their first exposure to DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) dialing.

With over 25 years of experience, the ability to understand the goals and needs of our clients, while always being sensitive to the bottom line, makes Resale Systems, the best choice for your all your telecommunication needs.

Founded in 1987 by Fred Wood,

       Resale Systems has over three decades


of in depth experience in communications system design, re-manufacturing and diagnostics. Our technical staff will custom tailor a communication system that will not only satisfy today's needs, but will allow you to cost-effectively expand your system as your business growth demands. Fred’s telecommunications career started with his military enlistment in 1980. His technical training was focused on multiple segments of the telecom industry including ‘outside plant’ construction; teletype diagnostics, repair and maintenance; focusing on key communications system design and installation; PBX’s as well as high-end duties including the highly technical task of Trans Atlantic cable splicing and repair.